Saturday, June 30, 2012

Things that go....

Hi all! It's been a busy week. My Dad came through the Surgery with flying colors.  (He's an over-achiever) Two days out of surgery he was doing laps and climbing stairs in the hospital.  Amazing! The pathology came back and shows that they got it all. No more Cancer! Wonderful! He's in a lot of pain but handling it like a trooper and everyday he's closer to being his healthy self again.  Thanks everyone for all the well wishes and thoughts for him.  I think it worked. :D

While at the Hospital I came out to find a lovely flat ____ tire.  Really flat, not kinda flat.  But my Uncle rescued me and had a bit of fun with it. :D I love this pic.
What a Goof!
Also this weekend, (or last weekend)  Hubs got started on the shed.
 Now this isn't going to be any ol' shed.
This shed is going to be square, tall, have windows, light up and be a beautiful blue.  It may even make a whir noise and travel through time and space! And supposedly it's absolutely huge inside!!!!! (can you guess?)
Yes... I'm a dork, but a really excited one.  I can't wait to see my....
 Believe it or not, I have had a little time to gather some lovely items for the shop.  Got some more great dresses today and a few other pretties.  It's been taking me a bit to get things listed lately, but they are coming.  Now to list a couple things and go to bed.  Me so sleepy. Night all. 

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