Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day 2012

Hope all the Dads out there had a most special day yesterday!   I got to spend it with my hubby and my daddy at my parents house this year, instead of having at our house.   I still brought my Cherry Almond Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast to the table, but Mom got to make the rest this year.  Yummy spread!
Cherry Almond Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast Mmm!

.                                                          Two Wonderful Men!!!!
The guys got their goodies then off too a movie for them. While they were movie watching me and Ma went Antiquing. I found a funny little hat, didn't buy it, but needed a pic in it.  (not the best pic, but oh well)
Hot Pink Feather Elf Hat!

And Holy Flowers Batman!!! Look at the size of Ma's Hanging Basket! It's Huge! 
On a side note.... decided to steal that cute lime green dress out of the shop and keep it for me, but after wearing it for a short time, decided it was definitely made for a shorter person than my 5'9" frame.  So, once I clean it up.  Wash, wash and wash...back in the shop it will go. It's a fabulous dress and hey, I just modeled it for ya! It's very disappointing when you fall in love with a vintage piece, but no matter how much you wish it, it just can't be yours.   Give me a couple days and it will be back in shop all fresh and ready for an new adventure! 

I am not a model!
Kind of a photo heavy entry, but that was Sunday, Fathers Day 2012! Hope you all had a fabulous day, now off to the Post and then me and the kiddo are off to have lunch with Papa and may fit in a bit of thrift shop fun.   Have a great Day!

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