Friday, June 1, 2012

Empty Shelves and Shrinkage

I had a lead on a Vintage sale today, headed out this morning and was extremely disappointed.  There was nothing Vintage there! False advertising!

I have had a blast the last few trips out to garage sales, thrift shops and other treasure troves. I have managed to bring home the mother load of vintage hankies, some wonderful hats (Especially the red one! See it on the corner of the table.) Cases of all kinds tend to follow me home and I was blown away by the lime green wig case I found today. It would make a great hat box or for whatever wants to get stored in there. Tons and tons of gorgeous jewelry, clothing and other fun things.  But now it sits here waiting to be cleaned up and go in the shop. (*some items may be kept)

I run Flourishes and Monkey plus the house out of this little 9x9 room I call my office. And now My Office is Shrinking! It is! Really! I somehow have been very creative until now fitting in everything in clean and orderly manner, but now I have decided to clear out all the vintage kitchen and decor items among other things to make some room in here.  That shelving unit would hold a ton if I could get all the glass off of it.  That is my goal for this sale. An empty shelving unit.  So swing by and have a look in the Clearance Section.  Lots and lots of great deals to be found. 

Yellow 70s Jumpsuit

I also got up a new listing today! Yep!  This awesome Yellow  and Navy 70s Jumpsuit. 

 I guess I rambled a bit today, but amidst school ending for kiddo and wondering what to entertain him with this summer, this is what has been going on. Have a beautiful weekend! I hope to as well. 

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  1. Great blog post..and I feel the pain of the shrinking office