Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daddy, My Superhero....

Hello Everyone! Looking for some thoughts for my Dad.  Tomorrow will be a very difficult day.  He has been battling Lung Cancer since February and tomorrow he goes in for his surgery.  The hope is that they don't have to remove to much of his lung and that he will be up and pretty much normal in about 6 weeks. He has always come to my rescue and all day I have been thinking about when I was little and fell and broke my arm about a half a block from the house.  He came charging down the street, (running in cowboy boots, always cowboy boots) and scooped me up and carried me home.  My Daddy, my Superhero.  He is always there to rescue me, (even if I get in trouble, and yes I still do), he will be there right away.  And it needs to stay that way! So, if you have a minute, please send out some good vibes for him.

Now off to sit on the porch and try and enjoy whats left of the longest day of the year, tomorrow is a scary one.

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  1. I will say prayers for you dad tonight!! And I'll be thinking of you and him tomorrow! ♥