Saturday, June 30, 2012

Things that go....

Hi all! It's been a busy week. My Dad came through the Surgery with flying colors.  (He's an over-achiever) Two days out of surgery he was doing laps and climbing stairs in the hospital.  Amazing! The pathology came back and shows that they got it all. No more Cancer! Wonderful! He's in a lot of pain but handling it like a trooper and everyday he's closer to being his healthy self again.  Thanks everyone for all the well wishes and thoughts for him.  I think it worked. :D

While at the Hospital I came out to find a lovely flat ____ tire.  Really flat, not kinda flat.  But my Uncle rescued me and had a bit of fun with it. :D I love this pic.
What a Goof!
Also this weekend, (or last weekend)  Hubs got started on the shed.
 Now this isn't going to be any ol' shed.
This shed is going to be square, tall, have windows, light up and be a beautiful blue.  It may even make a whir noise and travel through time and space! And supposedly it's absolutely huge inside!!!!! (can you guess?)
Yes... I'm a dork, but a really excited one.  I can't wait to see my....
 Believe it or not, I have had a little time to gather some lovely items for the shop.  Got some more great dresses today and a few other pretties.  It's been taking me a bit to get things listed lately, but they are coming.  Now to list a couple things and go to bed.  Me so sleepy. Night all. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Daddy, My Superhero....

Hello Everyone! Looking for some thoughts for my Dad.  Tomorrow will be a very difficult day.  He has been battling Lung Cancer since February and tomorrow he goes in for his surgery.  The hope is that they don't have to remove to much of his lung and that he will be up and pretty much normal in about 6 weeks. He has always come to my rescue and all day I have been thinking about when I was little and fell and broke my arm about a half a block from the house.  He came charging down the street, (running in cowboy boots, always cowboy boots) and scooped me up and carried me home.  My Daddy, my Superhero.  He is always there to rescue me, (even if I get in trouble, and yes I still do), he will be there right away.  And it needs to stay that way! So, if you have a minute, please send out some good vibes for him.

Now off to sit on the porch and try and enjoy whats left of the longest day of the year, tomorrow is a scary one.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fathers Day 2012

Hope all the Dads out there had a most special day yesterday!   I got to spend it with my hubby and my daddy at my parents house this year, instead of having at our house.   I still brought my Cherry Almond Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast to the table, but Mom got to make the rest this year.  Yummy spread!
Cherry Almond Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast Mmm!

.                                                          Two Wonderful Men!!!!
The guys got their goodies then off too a movie for them. While they were movie watching me and Ma went Antiquing. I found a funny little hat, didn't buy it, but needed a pic in it.  (not the best pic, but oh well)
Hot Pink Feather Elf Hat!

And Holy Flowers Batman!!! Look at the size of Ma's Hanging Basket! It's Huge! 
On a side note.... decided to steal that cute lime green dress out of the shop and keep it for me, but after wearing it for a short time, decided it was definitely made for a shorter person than my 5'9" frame.  So, once I clean it up.  Wash, wash and wash...back in the shop it will go. It's a fabulous dress and hey, I just modeled it for ya! It's very disappointing when you fall in love with a vintage piece, but no matter how much you wish it, it just can't be yours.   Give me a couple days and it will be back in shop all fresh and ready for an new adventure! 

I am not a model!
Kind of a photo heavy entry, but that was Sunday, Fathers Day 2012! Hope you all had a fabulous day, now off to the Post and then me and the kiddo are off to have lunch with Papa and may fit in a bit of thrift shop fun.   Have a great Day!

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Tale Of Two Mixers.....

Vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster Mixer 1950s Chrome Silver 11 C
Sunbeam Mixmaster
Boy! Has it been a busy week!  All store work basically ceased (except the few times I got out to hunt for vintage, but it was only a very few times) so I could get this house in order for my little Brothers 30th Birthday!  He's now 30 and I am now old. Ugh! He has turned into quite the cook and his dream kitchen accessory was a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer.  Well... he got one, with attachments!!!  He spent the next day making pasta on this little beauty.  He has been lusting after this for a couple of years now.  I was always on the hunt for one in a garage sale or thrift shop, but never found one.  What I did find, repeatedly, was this gorgeous Sunbeam Mixmaster in chrome.  He didn't want it.  No attachments.  Now I have seen this little beauty, for incredibly cheap prices at a flea market and two garage sales, stared at it for a long time and left it there, because, where would I put it.  I have way too many kitchen items.  Be reasonable, really, why do I need this.  So I left them all there.  Now I am obsessed!!!! I want this Sunbeam sooooooo bad!  I did a bit of rearranging in the kitchen this week and I now have a place for it and everything!!!! I really would like to kick myself sometimes. ( I feel like knocking on the door of the house I last saw it at to see if they still have it or where they sent it)  So now, the hunt begins again.  This beautiful, shiny one in the photo is available on Etsy, but the hunt is always fun so that is probably the route I will go.  The wonderful thing about Vintage is that you will eventually find just that item that you have been lusting after.  It may just take a little while, but think of all the other fun things I will find in the process! 

Well, that is enough for tonight.  I need to get kiddo to bed, then the plan is to iron a ton of hankies and aprons for the shop while standing in front of the TV catching up on Mad Men. (I know you all really dream of having evenings like that) I really want to get them listed tomorrow! Really!  Don't forget about the new Clearance Section in Flourishes. Some great stuff there I'm only getting rid of so I have a bit of room in the shop.  So until next time.........

Friday, June 1, 2012

Empty Shelves and Shrinkage

I had a lead on a Vintage sale today, headed out this morning and was extremely disappointed.  There was nothing Vintage there! False advertising!

I have had a blast the last few trips out to garage sales, thrift shops and other treasure troves. I have managed to bring home the mother load of vintage hankies, some wonderful hats (Especially the red one! See it on the corner of the table.) Cases of all kinds tend to follow me home and I was blown away by the lime green wig case I found today. It would make a great hat box or for whatever wants to get stored in there. Tons and tons of gorgeous jewelry, clothing and other fun things.  But now it sits here waiting to be cleaned up and go in the shop. (*some items may be kept)

I run Flourishes and Monkey plus the house out of this little 9x9 room I call my office. And now My Office is Shrinking! It is! Really! I somehow have been very creative until now fitting in everything in clean and orderly manner, but now I have decided to clear out all the vintage kitchen and decor items among other things to make some room in here.  That shelving unit would hold a ton if I could get all the glass off of it.  That is my goal for this sale. An empty shelving unit.  So swing by and have a look in the Clearance Section.  Lots and lots of great deals to be found. 

Yellow 70s Jumpsuit

I also got up a new listing today! Yep!  This awesome Yellow  and Navy 70s Jumpsuit. 

 I guess I rambled a bit today, but amidst school ending for kiddo and wondering what to entertain him with this summer, this is what has been going on. Have a beautiful weekend! I hope to as well.