Friday, January 28, 2011

Three Lovely Ladies and One Red Hat...

I just love this photo!  It sits on a table in my living room where I can see it everyday.  It's a photo of my wonderful Grandma, my Mom in the center and my lovely Aunt.  It was taken at a wedding in the mid 60's. You can see the wedding cake in the background.  They just look so beautiful!  My Grandma is so stylish with her hat and fur, and those glasses!   My Mom and my Aunt are in their mid to late teens when this was taken.   
1960s Red Straw Hat
 We recently lost my Grandmother.  She truly was an amazing woman.  She had only 3 months to go and she would have been 100 years old!  The things she saw.  A fantastic seamstress, she worked at a furrier doing the finishing work on all the lovely coats until she was 93 or 94.   All the delicate stitches and wonderful pockets that come with the luxury of a fur.  She would do that.  Plus the pretty little initials inside.  She could sew anything! She even saved fur scraps and made my Cabbage Patch Doll a mink coat! I definitely had the best dressed doll around.

But, this was about this hat.  While cleaning out her home, I found it!  See my Aunt wearing it in the picture.  It's still absolutely fabulous!!!!
1960s Red Straw Hat
I have a really big thing for hats and find it just so cool to have the hat and a picture of it being worn.  A large floppy brim done in straw with a big beautiful bow.   The brim is graduated in size to be larger in the front.  Very well made.  It's just waiting to go off and make a statement at another wedding.  (I do have it listed in my shop, just click the link under the picture and it will bring you right there.)  I can't keep everything, no matter how much I would like too, so since I do have the history to go with it, I figured you might enjoy it. 

I hope you all have a lovely day and if you would like to follow the happenings in my two shops, Monkey & Me and Flourishes, come follow me on Facebook.  Enjoy!!!

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