Friday, January 21, 2011

A Team Of Merry Maids and a Personal Assistant

It's friday! Here that means cleaning day, but with all that still needs to get done, I don't think that's going to happen today. My dream in life is a team of merry maids and a personal assistant. Wouldn't that be lovely? But as Scarlett would say "Tomorrow is another day".

I saw these old adds from the 40s and had to laugh. If only these products did what they said! I would let the Soilax box come clean my tub, if he did it himself. " Soilax lightens daily chores, Does bathrooms, laundry, silver, floors!" I'm impressed that you can clean the bathroom and wash your clothes with the same product! Fill the tub with Soilax, dump in laundry and swish around with a fork? What, do we then drag the wet soapy clothes across the floor? Maybe they were on to something?
The Fels-Naptha Soap people tell us that " A married woman's life can't always be a 'bowl of cherries'. But it needn't be just a tub of dirty clothes." HA! See how happy those ladies are?! They got the team of Merry Maids. I just know it, otherwise they would be home doing the wash.

I wish you all a very productive day. I'm hoping for the same here. Please come have a look at my Facebook Page. It has all the news for both Monkey and Me and Flourishes. Have a great one!

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