Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fun Household Hints From 1946

Well..... I made yesterdays recipe last night. It was delish! Perfect for a cold night, but the cooking time was way over what was stated. It took about 2 hours!!! We were starving by the time it got done. It makes quite a lot and since there is just the three of us, we will be eating Cheeseburger Pie for the next three days. :D

Today I have for you, Household Hints!!! Taken from a May 26, 1946 issue of the GRIT. I have no clue where this paper was distributed, but I am thinking Mississippi because of other things I have found in those cookbooks. I just think this is so much fun.

The heading of the article is Household Hints, but some of them are just quirky little facts. Here we go.....

-Some like them raw, some like them cooked. Serve Dandelions in a tossed salad or cook them in a fairly large amount of water in an uncovered pan. Allow to simmer until tender. Don't overcook.

-Little angel? His parents think so. A baby was born recently in a plane flying 19,000 feet above LaPax, Bolivia.

-Psst, Mom! There goes pop with your talcum powder. OK, so he's doing it for you. Squeaky floors are sometimes caused by the rubbing of one floor board against another. Sifting talcum powder between them sometimes helps.

-This could concern you. The annual damage from moths is estimated at $100,000,000.

-And Uncle Bill thinks nobody eats them. Americans are consuming about 40,000,000 pounds of avocados a year.

-Prevents wilting. To keep carrots fresh, cut off the tops before you drop them into your vegetable bin. Same goes for beets, turnips, parsnips, and radishes.

-Was your face red when Aunt Susie called you extravagant. Next time rinse the milk bottle in soups, gravies, or white stocks like she says.

-Shoes that are not to be worn for a season should be cleaned, polished, put on shoe trees, and wrapped in tissue paper before storing them.

-How's this? Make an oilcloth cover for your ironing board when not in use. This will protect it from dust and the cover can be used as a work surface when sponging garments.

-A sad sack. To prevent your shoe bag from sagging, run a short curtain rod through the top of the bag. This will hold it securely in place.

There ya go! No more being embarrassed by Aunt Susie!!! LOL! Hope you got a chuckle from this, I did.

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