Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Emily Post Says....

Growing up, I was frequently reminded of what Emily Post would say about what I was doing. According to my Dad, I had her "spinning in her grave". I wonder if she's stopped yet? So when I saw this article I thought this was a good one to share, seeing as she really was a big part of me "learning to be a lady" HA! I still often think when I do something, " Whoop's! Got her spinning again."

Once again, this is one of those sheets that were tucked into that old cookbook I found. This one was taken from The American Weekly, August 12, 1956. Emily Post has a lot to say, so I'm just going to pick a couple to share.

Ok, this one really surprised me!

Checking a Wrap
Q: When a woman checks her wrap in a restaurant, or night club, is her escort supposed to go to the checkroom and get it for her when they are ready to leave, or does she go and get it herself?
A: She get's it herself.

Personally, I think he should get it. Really, isn't it like getting the door? Pulling out the chair? His job, definitely. (Ooop's there she goes again! )

On to the next.... for those of you to which this is a burning question.....

Q: Will you please tell me whether it is proper to use lace-paper doilies under individual servings of cake or ice cream? If not, will you please name the times when paper doilies may be used?
A: The lace-paper doily or mat is put under the whole cake - especially under a very elaborately iced one (such as a birthday cake). Also individual molds of ice cream are often placed on small doilies of paper lace.

I know that you will sleep better tonight having finally gotten the answer to that one!

Actually, it's nice to read these and see that people cared what was proper when in public. I think it's a shame that a lot of it has been lost, but I won't get to deep here. Just wanted to give you a chuckle.

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