Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Don't sweat the little things......

How are you all doing on your New Year's Resolutions? Mine this year was to be a much calmer person. No more freaking out over all the little stuff that happens. All that stuff that builds and builds, one after the other, then KaPoW! Off ya go! I see all the calm people and wonder how they do it. Drugs? ;) So far I think I am doing better, not perfect, but better. So when I saw this article in that May 25, 1946 issue of the "GRIT" I figured I would share it and my goal for 2011.

I think it's kind of funny they have a section in the newspaper for Pet Peeves. Pent up aggressions must have been bad in 1946! They just needed one of those handy little lint rollers. You know, with the disposable tape. Problem solved!

I hope you all succeed with your 2011 goals. They really are worth striving for if you thought you needed them in the first place. Keep it up, and I will do the same. Now I'm off to my happy place. See ya!

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