Monday, January 31, 2011

Do you recognize this poultry?

Going through all these vintage cookbooks I have come to realize a few things......
1) They were really bad at photographing food.
2) They liked their Aspic.  (insert shiver here)
3)  The poultry.   Have a look at this Turkey.  Doesn't look like one, right?

How about these Chicken Pieces.  Look at the tiny little drumsticks.

Well......This is what the poultry should look like.  I know most of you have watched the movie "Food, Inc." and thought that you have to buy better food for yourself and your family.  But when you go and buy that Organic, Natural Chicken it has much larger breasts than that poor little Turkey up there.  These pictures have really made it obvious to me how much they have altered our Poultry so that even if we buy the "natural" ones, they are still Genetically altered.   This was, literally, food for thought for me. For them to have used them in a photo, it had to be some pretty good looking meat back then. 

I found these photos in this General Electric cookbook from 1933.  It has awesome photos of the "New Electric Kitchen" and lots of recipes.

This book is available at Flourishes. Just click here.

Yes, we now get more meat, but at what cost?  And to me this looks like something that is now done and can't be fixed.  Our Poultry is now very well endowed and that is that.  Like I said, this is just something I've noticed.

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