Friday, January 14, 2011

Coffee Break

Good Morning. Have we had our coffee yet?

I just found this great little advertisement in a November 27, 1955 issue of This Week Magazine. It was put out by the Pan-American Coffee Bureau. Made me smile. It's just so cute. It's a shame that the days of sweet little ads like these seem to be long gone. Hope you enjoy it.

Bus Stop "Coffee-break"

A few minutes ago, a bus stopped at Wayside, U.S.A. A group of strangers got off to stretch and have a snack. Now, they're getting acquainted, American-style - over a good, hot cup of coffee. The figure-conscious girl (who drinks hers black) is telling the businessman (cream, two sugars) about college. The driver (black, with apple pie) is reassuring the motherly-type (light, one sugar) that the bus is on time. When the driver kids the waitress about the coffee, the motherly-type will tell him her recipe for good coffee (two level tablespoons of coffee in each cup). The driver will listen courteously and agree. His wife's been making it that way for years.
Pan-American Coffee Bureau, 120 Wall St., New York 5, N.Y.

Cute. Right? Now off for cup # 3.

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