Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All The Pretty Things.....

I have a vintage addiction.  There, I said it.  I especially love the fashions from the 1950s and 60s.  I hit up every yard sale, garage sale and estate sale I can find to dig up whatever I can find.   Hats are my biggest downfall.  Just love them! 

The ladies in this dress ad are so lovely and feminine.  Very much what a "lady" should look like.   Even the soap is lady-like.  A feminine oval shape and called "Sweetheart's".  Just lovely!

I live in the land of blue jeans and T shirts and think it would have been lovely to get dressed up in the evenings and go to the club, or ladies lunch.  You needed a nice wardrobe then.  Today, I'm sitting here in yoga pants with no plans on leaving the house till kickboxing.  The times are so different.  In the 50's and 60's you would clean the house in a dress!  Because you were a lady and ladies wore dresses.  I remember my Mom, even in the early 80s, getting dressed up just to go to the grocery store.  Tall boots and a skirt!  No one does that anymore and I think we should make it come back.   Along with my resolution this year to be a calmer person, I have also decided to make a conscious effort to get a bit more dressed up this year.  Doesn't matter if I'm just going to the store, I will try and look a bit better.  Try to bring back some of the femininity that was lost somewhere along the lines.  Putting on the vintage jewelry with my T shirt and jeans.  Add a pair of heels and my new faux mink swing coat and off to the store.   Mom's nowadays tend to dress for comfort and utility, but our Mothers and Grandmothers were Mom's too and they were lovely.

I have even resurrected the dressing table.  For year's I have been putting my make-up on quickly, sitting on the bed in front of the TV.  I was recently given my Grandma's beautiful dresser tray and while finding a place to put it, I ended up with a dressing table.  I was given a new lighted make-up mirror and everything I need is right there.   It makes you think about your appearance, sitting there in front of the mirror and it's not taking me any longer in the mornings than it did before.
So ladies, bust out all your pretty little things, put them where you can see them and use them and lets bring some glamor back into our busy lives!  It's fun and makes you feel good.

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