Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ooo The 60's.

I just love the fashions of the 1950's and 60's. Very fun, flirty and definitely feminine. I look through the vintage patterns that I have and find some of the most wonderful dresses. I just love the dark blue one in this Vintage Simplicity Pattern from 1969. This little mini-dress, done in a satin would be just stunning.

Then there is the wonderfully sparkly jewelry! It just screams, look here! I'm beautiful! I love the sparkle in this little blue brooch. It's only around 2" big, but definitely attracts attention.

Whats an outfit without the perfect clutch. Nothing. This wonderful shimmery gold clutch would be perfect for an evening out. More sparkle!

Now for something to go in the clutch. A necessity. This beautiful vintage Stratton compact would be perfect. Most of us do not carry loose powder anymore, but we all need a mirror for those quick fix-up's. Why not use a vintage one. So much more fun.

Ok, I have to laugh. I started this post meaning to talk about all the wonderful clothing and accessories from the 50's and 60's and instead I ended up creating an outfit. I think this all would look wonderful together. Can you tell, I love blue and gold. I hope you enjoyed.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just a few of my favorite things.

When I began on Etsy, I had no idea that it was more than just a place to sell my wares. It is a whole community! A community of helpful, caring people always willing to answer a question give you an idea or just be there for you. And I am lucky to say, I have made some wonderful new friends. Very talented, imaginative people with shops full of beautiful items. I want to thank them for all the fun and show off some of my favorite items of theirs.

Roger and His Bubble Pipe
by Ericalev on Etsy

Psst! The photos are links to their shops.

Ba-Ruse the Pig
by Fanzythat on Etsy

Button Pins
by AnalogButtons on Etsy

Blushing Bride - Pearl Earrings
By BeadifulbaublesSC on Etsy

Alice in Wonderland Heart Teacup With Spoon Ring
by DestinationDesign on Etsy

Funky Black Half Apron
by AnnabelsAprons on Etsy

Twisted Steel Wire Earrings
by Amongtheruins on Etsy

Blue, Green and White Butterfly Card Set
by Imeondesign on Etsy